ShortFormBlog: Is Newt Gingrich beginning to fade?


  • 37.7% Newt’s support from Nov. 30-Dec. 3; that is, in the couple of days before Herman Cain withdrew from the race
  • 24.4% Newt’s support—in the same poll—from Dec. 3-Dec. 7, the first few days after Cain withdrew source

» What’s going on here? Actually, we’re not sure. Common…

Holy shit, I love how they break down poll numbers on like a day to day rate now. Fuck, who answers all these goddamned polls. All we hear about is how this poll said this, or this other polls said that. Oh, this just in! We just took a new poll ten minutes ago that says that one crazy libertarian guy is on top. Man at this rate republicans will sift through every candidate until Obama is leading in their primary. 

I would love for Rick Perry to get the GOP nomination

The debates will just be so entertaining. Everyone is saying he was drunk during the New Hampshire fundraiser, but the scary thing is that we really don’t know, the dude could actually be that crazy. Man, I love politics, I love being entertained and there is nothing more entertaining than watching Michele Bachmann try to put together a complete sentence. I really hope one of the entertaining people like Bachmann, Perry, or Cain get the nod. Anything but that boring fuck Romney.

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