On Hip-hop and electronic music production, which are virtually inseperable these days.

I think hip-hop has been plagued by the fact that too many producers just put together samples, bass, synths etc. with drums in way that sounds “dope” or gets people moving. Other artists pay much closer attention to how the sounds they use create emotion. I think hip-hip is an incredible art form in the way that collaboration happens in such a more varied way than other types of music. A producer creates all the backing music, and an MC puts lyrics to the track, usually completely independently of one another. This can create an audible emotional disconnect between what the producer was feeling, and the MC during recording. A good producer works an MC on what the song is supposed to sound like, but despite this, a lot of hip-hop is simply a producer sending an MC a plethora of beats with no coordination. We do not play instruments, leading many to charge hip hop and dance producers as not being musicians. But sampling and producing are art forms as legitimate as playing in a band. Or I should say, can be. For some producers it is. Producers who take into consideration every detail, every snare, every kick, every effect, and how every element of the song must fit perfectly and add to the feeling you are trying to create. We have so much more control over every element than those in a band, who must be able to re-create their songs live, and to prove our worth, we best not waste that. Four Tet is a producer who comes to mind who knows this better than most. You can tell with his music that he cherishes the fact that it is created on a computer and doesn’t waste that but not taking full advantage of it. Hats, and any element really, must not just be added arbitrarily as so many hip-hop producers do. They must be elements that add to the song. I too am guilty of not paying enough attention to how each element should coordinate. This is partially why I believe my music is yet to really take off. But believe me, I’m coming.

So I made this Coldplay remix…

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New track if you missed it, titled El Sol.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox - Pascal’s Chorus feat. Alby Daniel

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My new song, Star Stuff. Hope you like it. 

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Kimbra - Settle Down (Alex Klinger Remix)

Please click this link and favorite the track if you like it. It’s for a contest.  http://soundcloud.com/earmilk/kimbra-settle-down-alex

Reblog too.

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Latest jam. Le Premier, by me. 

"Serenity" - Animal

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